Bath Beauty by Hope

General Questions

These are some questions you may have regarding an account with Bath Beauty by Hope. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, simply send an email to info@bathbeautybyhope.com.
Where Can I Find my Product Code?
The Product Code will be located next to the product heading and also on your invoice. Please refer to this number when reordering.
Getting Support For Your Item
If you have any questions regarding Our product line and cannot find the answers on this site or Our Facebook Page, please feel free to email us at info@bathbeautybyhope.com.
Can I Get A Refund?
Unfortunately due to the nature of Our in house products, we do not offer refunds. However, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, we're certain we will make every attempt to make you a Happy Customer. Most products within the "Marketplace" are warrantied by the manufacturer and have refund policies in place.
Which Authorized Payment Option Do I Choose?
We use PayPal and Stripe secured Payment Gateways. Our site is completely secure with the latest security protocol in place. We recommend using Stripe if you're not located within the Continental United States.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs have a lengthy history unknown to most. The original bath bomb creation began in 1989 by Mark ``Mo`` Constantine, creator of Lush and has since been perfected by other companies such as Bath Beauty by Hope.
What is a Bath Bomb?
Bath bombs consist of a mixture of dry ingredients which effervesces when entered into your bath. They are used to add essential oils essential to healthy and smooth skin, scents for aromatherapy, and a relaxing virage of tantalizing bubbles and a hue of color for your bath.
How Do I use a Bath Bomb?
Put bath bomb of selected aroma into a tub which you has been filled with water at a temperature to your liking. The bath bomb can be cut in half and use the other half later (not recommended since Our bath bombs are proportionate and fresh). The water will change in color during the melting process. We recommend filling tub halfway and then allow the running water to assist in the melting process.
Do Bath Bombs have an expiration date?
As time passes, bath bombs will become less effective. The reaction with your bath water will diminish and the relaxing experience may not be as effective. We recommend using your bath bomb within the first 60 days of receipt. Reorder when using your last Bath bomb to insure a fresh shipment. All of Our bath bombs are made to order to guarantee freshness.
What bath bomb scents are available?
At time of this writing, we currently have 67 aromas and plans on adding additional. If there is an aroma that you would like to see, contact our aroma research department at bobby@bathbeautybyhope.com.