Today’s moss bath mat project is Super Exciting.  Because it is a Pinterest legend and it’s something I’ve secretly been coveting since I saw it. On the good old internet. That’s right, today, I’m making a moss bath mat. Not only has this project been suggested thousands of times but I am also slowly turning my bathroom into a fairy forest oasis! So this will fit right in to the craziness.

Let’s get started. Okay, so I have a pretty good idea on how these things are made but I figured it would behoove me to do a little research first and the first blog that I came across was this one it has a ton of great pointers but as I continued reading I slowly started to realize that the writer of this blog has never actually made a moss bath mat. That’s all right, though, because these projects are my specialty. Raindrop cake? No. Still not over that one. Moss bath mat? Right up my alley It’s not a good saying. So the first thing I had to do was procure some high-density foam which was not that easy to be honest, especially since the stupid blog post points to this stuff on amazon which is not the right freakin color. So, that’s not going to work for me, all right?

After an extensive amount of research though, I found this stuff from  Go figure. I also ordered the moss online. I guess I could have gone out into the forest and collected my own but it’s hot outside and I’m afraid of ticks. So there’s that. The only problem with ordering the stuff on the internet is that I had to wait two weeks for it. I want my stuff now Internet! Instant gratification! When are 3d printers going to be able to print moss? But it was an exciting day when it finally came in the mail, though. All right we’re ready to get this party started. All you gotta do is unwrap the foam and I just don’t understand why it’s so heavily packaged. It took me 20 minutes to try to get it out. It’s foam. It doesn’t need that much protection. It is the protection! I don’t understand.  Moving right along. I am very happy with the quality of the foam, though. I think this is gonna work out real well.

Next I got out some cardboard and drew out a rough shape of what I want my mat to look like. And it took me a few times because I messed up the first couple times and it looked like crap. Also I have the least helpful assistant in the world. Slowing me down, Kitty. It’s also not very easy to cut things out of cardboard. Even with an exacto knife, this took forever. I think this is actually the hardest part of the project. It did, however, come out pretty good so I guess it was worth it. Thanks for all the help, Kitty. Next I traced the two outlines onto my foam with a Sharpie. This worked out pretty well, too. Good job, team. Then I tried to cut out the shapes with the same exacto blade that I used for the cardboard and this did not work. Maybe some scissors will work? No, no, no, definitely not. Makes the edges all wonky looking and I can’t have that because I’m crazy, and I need it to be perfect. So I found this exacto blade and you know what, it worked a ton better. Thank goodness because I was about to pack it all in and give up. We did it, Kitty!

This next part, though, is going to be a little challenging, I think. Okay so the moss comes mailed to you all dried out, which was a little scary. I was afraid it was dead, but this piece of paper that comes in the moss box tells you to abandon everything you think you know about plants because moss doesn’t have roots. Yeah, some freaky alien crap right there. Anyway, yeah so what I’m going to do is use the dried out pieces of moss as the actual outlines for the shape that I’m going to cut out of the foam. And then after I cut the shape out of the foam, I put that piece of moss on top of it so I know what goes where when we’re all ready to put the moss in the mat. Genius. It’s like a puzzle. Riddle me this Batman.

After 3 hours, yeah 3 hours, I was finally done cutting all my little shapes out of the foam, and you know what I feel like a freaking champion. We are the champions my friends. I think it looks pretty dang cool already. Next I did something really dumb and sprayed this layer of foam with some spray adhesive and I failed to open a window. Probably should have done it outside and now this room has to be evacuated for awhile because the fumes might kill me. And the Kitty. It did however really help with the positioning of things. I also went around all the edges with a hot glue gun for added security! Looking good huh, Kitty? Yeah, no thanks to you bud.

Now the real fun begins. I also got this stuff from the same company that I ordered the moss from. And what I have to do is sprinkle a little bit in one of the sections and then take the corresponding piece of moss and submerge it for about 10 seconds into a bucket of water. This apparently reactivates the moss. Alien crap. Okay, then I just have to spray the moss tack with a little bit of water and then press the moss piece down into that section. And voila! Awesome! Now I just have to repeat those steps about a billion more times. Yes, it takes quite a bit of work, and patience, and definitely lots of time. Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin into the future. This project, up to this point, has taken ten episodes of Friday Night Lights. That’s a long time. And by the way this may or may not be the fourth time I’ve watched the series. I’m very excited about how this turned out. Pretty proud of myself. Yes! There you go. Congratulations. Yeah, that’s me patting myself on the back. Somebody’s got to do it.

Now I just have to put it in its new home. And yes! This thing rocks. You know, like, moss likes rocks? It’s okay. Yeah, okay. So this thing apparently is supposed to be able to survive just on the water that you shed from getting out of the shower, but I don’t think I shower enough for that to be the case. So I think that I’m gonna have to give it some extra squirts here and there and that means that it may not survive, to be honest. I’m also just a little concerned that my cat is going to destroy it or die from eating it. Is this stuff poisonous to cats? And then there is a concern about bugs living in it? Yeah, that’s concerning. But it’s so freaking pretty, right?! Who cares? Sorry Kitty! Just kitty-ing. You know I love you. Well I think that’s it for this project. As always, we want to know your project suggestions. Leave them in a comment down below.