About Us

Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate!


Our story began when we started with an idea and a passion on how to rejuvenate, relax and meditate after a long day. We took what we learned and then became Bath Beauty by Hope!

We are a company based in Lexington, South Carolina specializing in handmade, all natural Bath and Beauty Products with in house production of bath bombs, candles, handmade soaps, body washes and healthier hair options.

We serve the East Coast markets and well into the Midwestern Plains. We are currently working on distribution throughout the Continental United States and into a Global Market.

Our Goal is to allow you to experience complete rejuvenation and achieve a relaxed sense of well being. We know you will fall in love with our products just as much as we have.


We are a Family of Entrepreneurs helping others create a relaxed and rejuvenated mind, body and soul.

Robert Blankenship

Product Designer

As Joint Owner and Lead Product Designer for Bath Beauty by Hope, Robert's (Bobby) passion is in creating the Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

Allisson Hope

Business Manager

As Co-owner and Business Manager for Bath Beauty by Hope, allows for Allisson to keep production running smoothly and creatively.


We create a relaxing experience to help in Rejuvenating your well being.

Bath Products

We create bathing products that cleanse and moisturize while rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.

ECO Friendly

We use quality products in correct proportions that are cost effective and ECO Friendly.

Hemp Products

We now offer a complete line of all natural hemp products that are durable and ECO Friendly.


We offer an experience through sight, sound and smell while giving a fully encapsulating sensory holiday.


Our “Comfy Clothes” for men, woman and children are for a relaxed comfortable fit.


Our product lines contain a wide array of fragrance and color appealing to all who require recharge time.