Take a few moments to Relax and Rejuvenate


We create products for Relaxation and Rejuvenating the Mind, Body and Soul

Bath Bombs

We handcraft Our Bath Bombs from natural ingredients for an aromatic and peaceful bathing experience.  Select from a complete line of fragrances.

Beauty Products

Complete Rejuvenation of the Body is to include healthier skin and hair.   We select the finest and most natural products available for healthier hair and skin.

Handmade Soaps

Crafted with three layers of exfoliates, lots of love, and your choice of fragrance.  You will experience the Ultimate in feeling clean and renewed.

Shower Cakes

Wake-up with a fresh effervescence  Shower Cakes.  Start Your day with aroma therapy.  An all natural alternative to an eye opening experience.

Assorted Fragrance Candles

Enjoy the coziness of Our  light crackling wooden wick candles.  We offer a complete line of fragrances in  any combination for that ultimate “Spa Experience.

Conscious Awareness

We’ve compiled a selection of sights and sounds within Our Relaxation Gallery to create a threshold of consciousness and allow the mind to Relax.

Our Product Portfolio

Specialty Handmade Products for your Enjoyment

Emily’s Shower Cakes

Bath Bombs


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Our blog showcases Bath Beauty by Hopes products. The latest on rest and relaxation techniques. Snippets for a healthier, rejuvenated, beautiful YOU. And the necessary information for a lifestyle change to make better life choices. Bath Beauty by Hope's goal is to help improve your overall well being and provide an outlet for a virtual cerebral vacation.